Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty 1

interior terminal of a right-hand converted truck

If you're looking for a truck that works as hard as you do, look no further than the Ford Super Duty® truck. Delivering best-in-class horsepower, standard torque, and fuel economy--the Super Duty is known across America for its severe-duty strength and dependability. Thanks for the ingenious team at RHD USA, this legendary Built Ford Tough® truck is now being converted to right hand drive, ready for export around the world.

When you or your customer requires a base vehicle for Armored Personnel Carrier to Ambulance we can offer a conversion package that will suit your needs based on the venerable F550 Cab Chassis. We custom order your chassis so your not paying for options you do not need.

Cab Chassis are our specialty, we can convert to HIGH SULFER diesel allowing you to operate in any environment.

All speedometers are converted to kilometers when required by local governments, custom logos can be ordered.

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The Conversion Process

right-hand wheel in a truck

Great detail goes into every RHD USA Conversion vehicle, resulting in a meticulously clean factory finish with an emphasis in safety and reliability. Our Ford Super Duty right hand drive conversions start with a new F-Series truck. Once the interior is removed, we modify the complete firewall with new RHD USA components that are .040 thicker than factory.

We reconfigure the factory dash bar to accommodate the steering on the right side, making sure to maintain the same degree as factory so the steering system and airbag deployment operate as engineered. All pedals are also reconfigured to the right side and precisely placed to keep the same floor/seat dimensions as when in their factory left side configuration. This ensures the driver's comfort and muscle memory as proven from years of continual research by FORD engineering.

viewing a right-hand wheel from the left-hand side of a truck

The interior wiring is only modified in four key areas, to avoid any wiring issues. RHD USA Conversion's design keeps the main interior harness intact for added reliability. Where RHD USA Conversions really shine is in the detail work. An extraordinary amount of time is spent making sure the climate control system operates as factory. Using sensors and anemometers, both temperature and air speed are measured to make sure the HVAC system is within factory FORD specifications.

Once the dash bar, wiring, and climate control box are in place we install the main dash. Individual components are installed and checked for proper function and alignment.

Engine Compartment

There is a lot going on under the hood of a modern diesel severe duty vehicle. We make every effort to be the least invasive to factory vehicle systems. This photograph is a completed unit ready for service, note the brake booster on the right. In the Ford Super Duty engine compartment, we begin with new brake lines, then reroute all of the climate control hoses needed for interior comfort. All lines are TIG welded and crimped using industry standard air over hydraulic crimping systems for added reliability. The wiper system is also factory relocated and reconfigured to operate in a left to right motion--like in any true right hand drive vehicle.

Engine Compartment

Steering System

Steering System 1
Steering System 2

RHD USA will NOT use any other steering components other than factory Ford period. Our special relationship with Ford engineering allows access to information that would otherwise not be available. The steering system is the life line of the vehicle, with over 15 years in professional motorsport this is something that will never be compromised. As you can see in the photograph this steering is F-550 FORD Tough.

The factory Ford steering box is also used. Chrome alloy steel tubing .375 thick is used for bushings welded inside and out of the frame rail to support the steering box. Grade 8 bolts are used to hold everything in place, this exceeds factory specifications. All hydraulic hoses and fittings are Gates/Goodyear exceeding the factory specifications. The steering arm and damper are factory and use the original mount.

Vehicle customization and performance upgrades can be done at the time of conversion. Performance suspension, off-road wheels, tires, air intake, exhaust and diesel power modifications are all popular options. Off-Road bumpers, LED lights, recovery winch and bed cover are also great additions.

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