Ford F-150

inner terminal of right-hand converted Ford F-150

Ford F-150 right-hand wheel

Ford F-150 engine compartment

RHD USA Ford F-150 Raptor

RHD USA is the leader in Ford F-150 right-hand-drive conversions. Our RHD Ford Raptor is world famous. The F-150 conversion is the most complete, well engineered right-hand-drive truck in the industry. Great detail goes into every RHD USA Conversion vehicle, resulting in a meticulously clean factory finish.

A complete new dashboard is designed to accommodate a right-hand-drive configuration. All driver components are moved to the right side of the cab as part of the conversion including the steering wheel, instrument cluster, pedal assembly, safety air bags, buttons, switches, wiring, air ducting and plumbing. The passenger-side components are moved to the left side of the cab. RHD USA also fabricates a new steel firewall to secure items like the brake booster, cable linkage, steering column and HVAC system. No fiberglass is EVER used on one of our firewalls.

RHD USA prides itself in attention to detail, a new center console was designed for the right-hand-drive Ford F-150 so the shift lever is closer to the driver, along with cup holders to match.

RHD USA uses factory Ford gas, brake and emergency brake pedals in their right-hand-drive conversions. They also re-route the OBD-II plug and e-brake release lever to the new driver side. RHD USA uses as many factory parts as possible in their conversions. This not only keeps the truck happy, it also helps the owner in the future when they need to replace wear-and-tear components such as switches, hoses or heater cores. They are all original equipment parts that can be purchased with ease from a Ford dealer or auto parts store.

Vehicle customization and performance upgrades can be done at the time of conversion. Performance suspension, off-road wheels, tires, air intake, exhaust and super chargers are all popular options. Off-Road bumpers, LED lights, recovery winch and bed cover are also great additions.

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